The Barn

The Barn on EvanRyan Farm was designed for multi-use as storage and large animal stewardship. The 858-square-foot structure is located in the north pasture and has no formal stalls or infrastructure. However, architectural plans have been designed and will be provided to new owners that illustrate the construction of stalls and a tack room.

A traditional sliding access door is on the south side of the barn and allows for easy access for horses. A hitching rail exists just outside the primary barn door for direct approach for tac and feed. A 12-foot wide, 7’2”  high, roll-up garage door provides access from the east access driveway for feed deliveries, farm equipment, vehicles, campers or boat storage. The Barn has been used as an indoor space for hay and feed storage.

The southside of the Barn has a loafing roof that partially covers the fenced corral that features an automatic, heated water trough. The corral surface is crushed granite and is enclosed by a three-rail PVC fence with two locking access gates.

The access driveway to the Barn is paved with crushed granite and encircles the Barn allowing for easy deliveries and maintenance.



We have had horses on EvanRyan Farm for over 15 years and they were kept on pasture gracing vs. stalled. The southern fenced pasture is used for alternating grazing for land stewardship.

One horse per acre is allowed by law but the pasture health would not be sustainable with pasture gracing supplemented with feed. The natural Buffalo grass pastures can support two horses with rotation using both pastures and supplemented feed.

McArthur Ranch covenants do not allow for goats or pigs in Filing One. McArthur Ranch neighbors have kept cows, sheep, alpacas, emus, ostriches, mules, donkeys, peacocks, and chickens . . . just to name a few. There are also tax advantages to agricultural designation of the property.

Note: Horses have not been on the property since 2015.