The landscape of EvanRyan Farm has both formal and natural landscaping.

The entrance to the property features two cultured stone light monuments surrounded by majestic pines and Buffalo grass. It’s a dynamic entrance ushering guests down the gravel drive leading up to the house. The circular drive in front of the garage has ample space for large trucks to maneuver and make deliveries.

The formal landscape is found immediately adjacent to the house. The property has 70+ trees and shrubs that have been intentionally planted over the last 20 years. Special attention has been paid to include primarily native Colorado trees and shrubs — spruce, cottonwood, Pinon/Ponderosa/Austrian pine, Dogwood, lilac, and windbreak deciduous species.

The front yard’s formal garden has been designed using stones found on the property and embellished with Russian Sage, Shasta Daisies, evergreen shrubs and pines with an automated irrigation system. The focal point of the front yard is an antique, 1890’s manure spreader that is being sold with the property — it’s pictured. The Wild Turkeys shown were regular visitors to our front yard a few years ago. They are not being sold with the property.

The four-rail PVC fenced backyard has been formally designed by a landscape architect and features a full irrigation system. Three large flower beds host perennials, bulbs, roses and peonies and have been nurtured and embellished over two decades to display full seasonal interest and dynamic cut flowers.

A crushed-granite walking path winds throughout the backyard and presents ideal vantage points for viewing the formal gardens as well as the breathtaking view of the front range and Denver skyline.

The informal landscape and pastures have matured and natural grasses and native wildflowers. We have been diligent in encouraging the natural pasture and grass through weed maintenance and regular mowing. As mentioned in the History, the 300+ yucca that were on the property originally have been removed — leaving pristine pastureland.