You may not have heard of a potager, but that is what we have, and it is what makes our property a farm.

A potager is a small “kitchen” garden where vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers are grown. Ours is about 1/3 of acre [which really isn’t small] and is enclosed in eight-foot, chain-link fencing because we aren’t the only creatures who love the contents of this precious plot.

Let there be no mistake that the potager is simple gardening — it’s more on the level of farming if it is planted properly and stewarded well.

We have invested years in amending the soil, building raised beds, creating pathways, arbors and continually improving the irrigation system. And of course, planting seed. We are experts at what “won’t” grow on this northern slope of Wildcat Mountain. But the flowers and vegetables that do grow, grace our tables for three seasons and nourish us throughout the calendar year. You will need a freezer.

A two-sided composting system has been created and is used for organically giving back to the soil. Three access gates provide entry and exit paths that fit a wheelbarrow and simplify harvesting.

A Real Farm

The well on EvanRyan Farm goes down 500+ feet to the Denver Aquafer. Most of our neighbors here in McArthur Ranch have wells that only go to shallow aquafers with extremely limited watering rights. However, our access to the Denver  Aquafer comes with the rights to irrigate all six acres of the property. That means that the Potager may be too small for your dreams and YES, you can farm every square inch of this soil and irrigate it as well. A cottage industry is not unrealistic. If you are a “wanna-be urban farmer,” you’ve found the perfect place to call home.

All of the produce pictured below was grown in the potager.