Horse Property & Trails

Just try and find horse property within the Denver Metro area. But owning and enjoying horses was key when we bought our land. And, McArthur Ranch was designed with briddle paths between each property, allowing endless trails and experiences for those on horseback.

Right behind EvanRyan Farm’s west fence is the East/West Regional Trail of Douglas County. The trail is accessible on horseback, bike and foot. Here’s what they have to offer . . .

Content below is found at https://www.douglas.co.us/parks-trails-building-grounds/parks-trails/east-west-regional-trail/

The East/West Regional Trail connects Highlands Ranch, Castle Pines, Lone Tree and Parker. The trail winds through grasslands and oak bluffs, including a thousand acres of the Highlands Ranch Backcountry. Trail connectors are located at Bluffs Regional Park, Highpoint Council Circle, Willow Creek Trail, RidgeGate Parkway, Schweiger Ranch, Rueter-Hess Reservoir, and the Cherry Creek Regional Trail.

Trail Details:

Approximately 27 miles one way​

2,070 feet of elevation gain from E to W, 2,300 feet of elevation gain from W to E​

5,543 lowest elevation – 6,411 highest elevation​

Multi-use: hikers, bicyclists, dogs on-leash, equestrian users, strollers​

All this right in our backyard… Or your backyard if this is where you want to live and own horses.

Download the Backcountry Wilderness Area Map to see all the amazing trails just outside the west gate.