McArthur Ranch

Hardly anyone even knew this place existed until they put Quebec Street in and extended McArthur Ranch Road. Developed in the late sixties by Bill Myrick, it’s been a hidden gem that never ceases to surprise people when they first discover it’s here.

The community consists of 70+, five-acre properties. There are a couple of properties that are a little bigger, like ours, but generally they’re the same. Download the map for reference. EvanRyan Farm is #11. This is the best way to demonstrate the unique location of our property in relation to the others in McArthur Ranch. We’ve cornered the market on location, literally the southwest corner.


It’s important for you to take a look through the Declaration of Protective Covenants for McArthur Ranch, Filing No. 1. It’s still pretty much the guidelines we all respect and support. There have been a few exceptions made of the years that made good sense, but it’s what keeps our community special and defends all the aspects that make this “a best kept secret.”

We Have Community

On the Saturday before Halloween, everyone congregates at the Rec Center (look for it on the map) for a potluck featuring costumed kids, libations, and a hayride that safely carries big and little kids throughout McArthur Ranch where neighbors await on the roadside with treats.

Before the December Holiday Season, the McArthur Ranch Progressive Dinner/Dessert is hosted by one or two of the residents of the Ranch. It’s a lovely time to share with your neighbors and wish everyone the blessings of the season and catchup on why they repainted their house or are planning to sell their beloved home.

We also have a great group of neighbors who manage the McArthur Ranch Civic Association and The McArthur Ranch Metropolitan District (MRMRD). Again, good neighbors who make of point of safekeeping everything we treasure about this amazing place to live and call home.