EvanRyan Farm was built in 1999 by me, Sherri Heintz Kerr, and my husband, David G. Kerr. We found this six-acre property just one day after the landowners at that time had posted the For Sale sign. One hour later, my dad [a successful contractor and craftsman] was standing with us on this amazing property. It was one of the last lots in McArthur Ranch that didn’t have a house on it.

The jaw-dropping view of the Rockies, Denver Tech Center and Downtown Denver Skyline were unforgettable. A view we know from experience never becomes less spectacular. We FEDEX’d the earnest money that day and this property has continued to be one of the greatest blessings of our lives.

I designed the house with architect, David L. Paauw, with the goal of combining a homelife in the country along with a home office for my advertising agency. Every room and feature of the house was intentionally designed to be welcoming and comfortable. The bonus was the convenient proximity for my husband’s commute to Denver for work, along with my commute up a 10-step stairway so I could be an at-home mom and CEO.

Everything about our farm has been created to allow us to live and love deeply, not fussy. We never intended for the house to be a showplace, but rather a sanctuary for friends, family and clients. When clients would come to my home office for a meeting, I generally ended up having to yell out the window for them to come in . . . they were usually too busy feeding our horses carrots or apples to start the meeting on time. It was exactly what we had dreamed.

Privately we’ve called our estate EvanRyan Farm — named by combining my twin son and daughter’s middle names. Just off the back porch, their Kindergarten handprints are impressed in the cement along with their names drawn with a stick. We never made a sign for the farm because it’s against covenants, but we did design the brand depicting our “two peas in a pod.” This really is a farm where we grow things, like righteous kids and lovely vegetables.

But it’s taken a lot of work to make it look this good. The first year here we removed over 300 yuccas — yes 300+ — because we wanted horses and open pasture. We built the barn in 2001, fenced the entire property and created two horse pastures, a formal landscaped backyard and a half-acre potager garden. And we can assure you that you don’t “garden” these six acres. It’s genuinely more on the level of farming. You need a mower you can ride or a real-live, Ava Gabor, Green Acres tractor.

Today, the pastures are lush with natural Buffalo grass and wildflowers; most of which were already residents when we moved in. The house is surrounded by over 20 majestic trees. We’ve lost count of the different birds that now grace these branches.

Over the last decades we have been blessed to raise our twins, four horses, six dogs and two rats. Our grown children are still among the few adults they know who can identify a weed from a perennial. They can also tell you what it’s like to live and work in the country yet enjoy all the privileges of the city just five-minutes away.

Honestly, EvanRyan Farm isn’t for everybody. This was the last house my dad built before he died, and this place is precious to us. Our dream now would be for another family to come and engage in the same dream.

We’re going to take time for the right people to buy EvanRyan Farm. Our encore home is being built as we speak, and we won’t be moving until July/August of 2024. That gives us plenty of time to move wisely and faithfully wait for the next family to continue our legacy.

So, if this sounds like you, please read the rest of our website for all the other details.

P.S. Please do not contact us in person. We still live here and want to enjoy every last minute we have on EvanRyan Farm.