Office/Mother-in-Law/Destination Rental [Over Garage]

I designed our house to allow me to have a very professional home office. Having had the privilege of founding and running one of the top advertising agencies in the state, we had a reputation to uphold and wanted an office that our clients would find honoring and delightful. We had downsized just enough to allow for a lean staff and margin enough to raise healthy and happy kids.

As you can see, this is not a Pandemic home office. This is a tech-savvy, awesome business office. We have had up to five staff working here throughout the years and it continues to be one of our client’s favorite places to come for a meeting.

This space was designed to be nimble and private. It can be the destination for a small business, temporary rental, lovely home for an In-Law or an adult child who wants their own space. The only key is that you can’t post a sign on the street or property in McArthur Ranch promoting your business. And, you and the neighbors aren’t going to be happy with tons of street traffic — so retail isn’t an option.

If You Wanna Be a Real Farmer

We’ve mentioned this already, but the well on EvanRyan Farm goes down 500+ feet to the Denver Aquafer. Most of our neighbors here in McArthur Ranch have wells that only go to shallow aquafers with extremely limited watering rights. However, our access to the Denver Aquafer comes with the rights to irrigate all six acres of this property. That means that the Potager may be too small for your dreams and YES, you can farm every square inch of this soil and irrigate it as well. A cottage industry is not unrealistic.

You can also grow livestock, sell eggs, flowers, honey . . . you’ve got the idea.


You can also use the property for stabling horses. Many of our neighbors do.


As with any professional enterprise, always check and comply with all state, county, fire district and covenant regulations. You can download the McArthur Ranch Filing One covenants here.