Open Space

Only a handful of the properties in McArthur Ranch lie on the southern border of our community at the foot of Wildcat Mountain. First, it’s really more of a hill, but it is officially named a mountain.

The benefit to having the “mountain” immediately to your south is that it will always look exactly like it does today. That’s because this is all dedicated open space and the view will never change out the south windows of this house.

There will, however, be an occasional herd of Elk, deer, or antelope, regular coyotes, and the annual trail closure for the endangered Brown Eagles during nesting season.

This is worth a lot. And again, it’s all on the edge of the Denver-Metro area. It’s hard to imagine this hidden gem of a place exists, but it’s one more thing that makes EvanRyan Farm unique.

You can read more about it here: The Highlands Ranch Backcountry Wilderness Area.